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8 Ways To Use Colour To Elevate Your Yorkshire Kitchen

From subtle and sophisticated navy blue cabinets to bold and characterful brightly coloured splashbacks, these days, many of us feel much more confident experimenting with colour throughout our homes. Incorporating colour into your design is a fantastic way to transform the look and feel of your space. However, renovating your Yorkshire kitchen is a substantial investment. So, of course, you’ll want to ensure your new interior captures your personality perfectly and stands the test of time. To help you find a stunning colour scheme that does just that, we’ve collated some of our favourite design ideas. These beautiful and vibrant solutions are sure to leave you with a space that truly reflects your style and brings joy to your culinary escapades, one splash of colour at a time!

Choose A Vibrant Yet Timeless Shade For Your Cabinets

As you can see from browsing our projects, navy blue remains one of the most popular kitchen colour schemes. Its subtle, muted undertones allow you to add a touch of warmth to your space whilst retaining an elegant and sophisticated feel. Another wonderful and equally stylish option is to select a similarly subtle hue in a different shade, such as green or purple. These sumptuous yet understated jewel-toned colours will help establish a luxurious and timeless atmosphere, perfect for entertaining and relaxing with friends.

Green Kitchen

Pair Bold Cabinetry With An Understated Island

Showcasing bold Oxford Blue wall units and a crisp white island, this two-tone Yorkshire kitchen feels cosy and intimate yet contemporary and clean. The vibrant blue hue complements the contrasting orange tones of the exposed brickwork beautifully, bringing a warm and homely feel to the space. Meanwhile, the bright white island helps break up the scheme, adding a fresh and airy edge to the design. Introducing a darker shade to the wall units allows the colour to envelop the room and dictate the overall atmosphere.

Or Introduce A Standout Colour To Your Island

If you’re looking to incorporate a striking pop of colour into your kitchen but don’t want it to dominate your scheme, you can always use it to accentuate your island. Keeping bold colours below your eye line will prevent them from overwhelming your space. The stunning Terracotta Sunset island in the Yorkshire kitchen below brings a lovely touch of vibrancy and personality to the room. It ties in perfectly with the floral blind and orange accessories.

Pick Out Your Favourite Feature

You can use your chosen accent colour to highlight any of your favourite design features. We used a rich plum purple to great effect to emphasise these standout waterfall-style wall cabinets. This simple yet effective feature adds a luxurious, high-end feel to this elegant Yorkshire kitchen.

Use Paint To Create A Feature Wall

Another excellent way to incorporate colour into your kitchen is by painting your walls. While we often jump straight into thinking about the colour of our furniture, your walls offer an equally excellent opportunity to transform the look and feel of your kitchen. You can either paint your whole room or simply add a stylish feature wall like the one below. Plus, you can easily and cost-effectively revamp your space with a simple lick of paint.

Select A Bright Splashback Surface

From stunning patterned tiles to vibrant and practical glass, selecting a colourful splashback is a fantastic way to add a bold splash of colour and personality to your design. The pink glass splashback in the Yorkshire kitchen below coordinates beautifully with the pink kitchen island, bringing a cohesive and feminine quality to the scheme.

Utilise Your Soft Furnishings

For a subtle pop of colour, why not consider introducing brightly coloured bar stools or dining chairs to your space? The gorgeous velvet upholstered chairs in this Yorkshire kitchen really help soften the contemporary scheme, picking out the colour of the door trim and sofa. Our clients also fitted their own stylish floating shelf, which helps accentuate the subtle magenta and lime green accents.

Add A Touch Of Greenery

In recent years, houseplants have seen a real resurgence in popularity. They offer a brilliant opportunity to add a touch of verdant colour and energy to your kitchen. If you don’t fancy going bold with vibrant cabinetry or a striking feature wall, a lush fern or exotic palm could be just what you need to elevate your interior.

Whether you’ve always dreamt of coming home to a vibrant country kitchen or are simply looking to brighten up the heart of your home, introducing colour to your design is a fantastic way to lift your interior and add a splash of personality to your space. For more advice on incorporating colour into your kitchen or to discuss your upcoming plans, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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