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Discover bespoke kitchens, designed and installed in Wetherby by our expert family team.


Beautiful British Kitchens In Wetherby

Bringing high-quality British kitchens to Wetherby has been our family business for over 20 years. Embracing rich heritage, timeless styles, and practicality, our British kitchen range has lots to offer any Wetherby home. From solid-oak tables to stunning stone worktops and ornate handles, the traditional British kitchen design captures the essence of natural craftsmanship with all the charming attention to detail. If you’re seeking a flavour of the country farmhouse or a more classic English design, our cabinetry and furnishings are tailored to suit any style and taste. By selecting only the finest materials and working with U.K. based manufacturers, our British kitchens provide Wetherby with something truly unique and masterful.

Bringing Over 20 Years Of Outstanding Service To Wetherby

Our award-winning team at Counter Interiors boasts over 20 years of kitchen design and installation experience. Working with cutting-edge manufacturers and sourcing only the finest products and materials, you can rest assured that your kitchen project is in good hands. Here at Counter Interiors, we understand the importance of your kitchen in your home and invest in every part of the process with you. With a team of skilled experts and an eye for detail, we ensure that every aspect of your new kitchen installation runs smoothly. We continue to reflect, adapt and adjust our bespoke kitchens throughout the installation process to reflect your individual style and requirements. Our superb service is unrivaled; with a proven track record of high customer satisfaction, we continue to go above and beyond to ensure you fall in love with every element of your new kitchen space.

Bringing Cutting-Edge German Kitchen Design to your Wetherby Home

With textured kitchen finishes, handless kitchen cabinetry, and durable long-lasting design, it is easy to see why German kitchens have sustained their popularity with our Wetherby clients. At Counter Interiors, we work alongside Germany’s leading manufacturer, Nolte Kuchen, to offer high-spec kitchen design and installation. By using a wide variety of raw materials such as metal frames, wooden furnishings, and metallic finishes, our German kitchen range is both luxurious and versatile. Whether you crave a statement look or a seamless, modern, clutter-free space, at Counter Interiors we understand that the kitchen is the centrepiece of your home. There's no better way to upgrade and elevate your existing kitchen space than with a bespoke German kitchen from Counter Interiors.

A Stress-Free Journey For Your Perfect Kitchen In Wetherby

Whether you are socialising with friends, preparing your favourite dish, or relaxing with a cup of coffee, the kitchen plays an important role in every home. A new kitchen project can be a daunting experience, but with our knowledgeable designers, technicians, and fitters on hand, you can relax and enjoy a hassle-free journey to build a kitchen that you can truly be proud of. With careful planning and continued communication, we are with you every step of the way.

Stylish, State-Of-The-Art Appliances

The key to a functional yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen space is having the right appliances to suit your lifestyle. From energy-efficient kitchen appliances to under-cabinet lighting, there is so much to integrate into your bespoke kitchen to create the ideal environment for you to thrive. At Counter Interiors, we remain at the cutting edge of technology by providing dynamic products that can transform the way you use your kitchen. As award-winning NEFF MasterPartners, our experts can assist you in selecting the best appliances to suit your needs without compromising on style. From smart appliance technology to one versatile tap, we supply all the latest products from prestigious brands such as Neff, Siemens, Quooker, and more.

Begin Your Journey at our Showroom Near Wetherby

Located just a short 35-minute drive from Wetherby, you can find our breathtaking showroom in York. Our award-winning showroom is the perfect starting point for your kitchen project. With our exquisite displays and accessories, you’ll be delighted with the variety of choices at Counter Interiors. To get started on your design journey, our talented team is on hand to discuss every part of your project and answer any questions. Feel free to browse our wide range of kitchens and get first-hand experience with all our products. The showroom is situated just around the corner from Clifton Moor Retail Park and has plenty of free parking, so you can take as long as you need to peruse our stunning displays.

Find Your Perfect Bespoke Kitchen

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