Urban Crush Collection 2

New Silestone Urban Crush Collection

New Silestone Urban Crush Collection

Silestone by Cosentiono have introduced its new range Urban Crush, full of colour and inspired by the heartbeat of the city.

Contemporary and understated, Urban Crush introduces dusty tones to create an ideal industrial backdrop; a natural complement for raw, eclectic spaces. When you look closer, the Urban Crush designs burst with intensity, breathing life into spaces.

An array of colours


Brass Relish, a coppery brown with unique grain pattern, blends perfectly with the colours and design features of the modern vintage style. This sleek, sophisticated colour embodies fine-grained sandstone. Brass Relish stands as the perfect base colour for copper, dark wood or dark coloured wallpapers. You can also go for bolder combinations in intense colours such as orange, green and blue.

The almost black and veined tones of Cinder Craze bring style, character and life to any industrial-style interior. A modern take on black sandstone. It is a combination of dark grain with white seashell veins. This colour fits perfectly with natural materials and textures while creating a nice contrast with bright colours such as orange and blue. It also goes well with light-filled spaces rich in plants and decorated with fabrics of varying densities.

The textured beige tones of Lime Delight provide a versatile background for any interior design, from calm and pure spaces to more unusual environments. Its warm, bright tones evoke the glow of the famous Marbella limestone. A bold mix of vibrant colours and textures in a completely urban style. Interiors are enhanced with bold details in bright colours and textures for a truly urban style.

The grey tone of Concrete Pulse is perfect for eclectic interiors, adding a vibrant contrasting effect. This natural grey shade looks great in both light and shadow. It is the best backdrop to complement with eye-catching accessories and highlight details. For a memorable design, use eclectic combinations of textured glass and voluminous fabrics.

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Urban Crush Collection

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