Discover Our Ingenious Quooker Taps

Bringing the tap that does it all to clients in Yorkshire. Offering impressive convenience and fabulous style, the Quooker tap is a popular choice.

Investing in a beautiful new kitchen is a wonderful way to get more from your space. As well as enhancing day-to-day tasks, a sophisticated, cleverly designed new interior will provide a fantastic setting for everything from helping the kids with their homework to entertaining friends. Here at Counter Interiors, we’ll ensure your design maximises functionality and style, helping you find the best appliances to complement your lifestyle.

Thanks to their ability to save time and maximise space, Quooker taps are incredibly popular with our clients. This impressive tap delivers 100-degree boiling water on demand, making preparing hot drinks and cooking food easier, safer and quicker than ever before. Plus, since you no longer need an electric kettle, you can enjoy immaculate, clutter-free worktops. Available in a range of styles and finishes, a Quooker tap makes the ideal addition to modern living.

Fusion Round Stainless Steel

Enjoy the convenience of having boiling water on tap. Quooker’s clever vacuum system guarantees the water is exactly 100 degrees.

Flex Stainless Steel(1)

Add a Quooker CUBE and enjoy chilled and sparkling water. Save money on bottled water and save space in your fridge!

Flex Stainless Steel (1)

The Quooker tap comes with plenty of safety features which makes it great for families with young kids.

The Original Tap That Does It All

Invented in the Netherlands in 1970, the Quooker boiling water tap was the first of its kind. More than 50 years later, and the Quooker is one of the best and most popular boiling water taps in the world. Their ingenious vacuum technology has revolutionised the kitchen. Not only does the Quooker tap provide all the benefits associated with instant boiling water, but it also offers a safer, more efficient and more stylish solution to the traditional kettle. If you would like to discuss including a Quooker tap in your new kitchen, click the button below to arrange a free consultation.

See The Quooker Tap In Action

If a tap that can provide instant boiling water sounds too good to be true, why not visit our showroom to experience using a Quooker tap for yourself? Our knowledgeable team will be happy to provide a demonstration and explain exactly how it works.

For some, the thought of boiling water coming straight out of the tap might be a little worrying. However, Quooker taps are actually much safer than a standard kettle. The child-safe push and twist mechanism means you cannot accidentally dispense boiling water. Should your hand contact the flow, even with the red warning light on, a stream made of fine droplets will prevent serious burns, unlike the solid litre of water that could hit you if your kettle tips over. You can learn more about our brilliant Quooker taps and see them in action by visiting our fantastic showroom.


Discover The Quooker CUBE

Add a little extra luxury to your Quooker tap with the wonderful CUBE. The new Quooker CUBE allows you to dispense chilled, filtered and sparkling water alongside standard hot, cold and boiling. It can be installed alongside any Quooker model. With the Quooker CUBE, you’ll never have to buy bottled water or struggle to find fridge space again.


Flex Taps

Available in chrome and black, the elegant Flex tap features a pull-out hose, perfect for washing up large trays and keeping your sink sparkling.


Fusion Taps

This all-in-one mixer tap delivers cold, hot and boiling water, all while looking fabulous in either a sleek style or ornate classic design.


Classic Taps

This timeless classic combines a boiling and mixer tap adding versatility to your dream kitchen design.

Transform Your Kitchen Now

A Quooker tap makes a fantastic addition to an all-singing, all-dancing new kitchen. If you would like to discuss your project with our award-winning team, simply click the button below to book a free design appointment.