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Ready to revolutionise your kitchen experience? We are thrilled to announce an exclusive Smart Kitchen Dock promotion, available to our valued independent customers. Starting Monday, 8th January, while supplies last, an innovative Smart Kitchen Dock will be automatically added to your order when you purchase a qualifying Siemens or NEFF oven. This offer is valid for our core ranges, as well as the Siemens premium StudioLine and NEFF Collection products.

What Is A Smart Kitchen Dock?

A Smart Kitchen Dock is the ultimate helper for your kitchen, connecting you effortlessly to your culinary world. This central device lets you easily manage all your connected kitchen appliances with a simple tap, swipe, or voice command. It brings your kitchen into the modern era, integrating with services like Home Connect, Alexa, and other partners for streamlined control. With a Smart Kitchen Dock, you can navigate your kitchen’s technology with ease, making your everyday tasks simpler and transforming your kitchen into a centre of convenience and smart living. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of managing your kitchen in a whole new way.

Features That Fascinate

Discover features that redefine kitchen convenience with the Smart Kitchen Dock. Enjoy crystal-clear entertainment with integrated stereo speakers, making your kitchen a vibrant hub for music or interactive recipe sessions. The dock’s design embodies ultimate flexibility, seamlessly adapting to your preferred tech devices, including smartphones, tablets, or even Amazon Alexa. Navigate your smart kitchen effortlessly with intuitive gesture control, keeping your devices clean and food-free. Meanwhile, advanced voice control, powered by innovative microphones, ensures your commands are heard clearly, even amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen. Together, these features come together to create a kitchen experience that’s both efficient and enjoyable.

A Seamless Extension of Your Home

The Smart Kitchen Dock transcends the ordinary, redefining how you interact with your kitchen. It’s not just an add-on; it’s a transformative tool that brings the future of kitchen management into your home. With this innovative device, your tablet or smartphone evolves into an interactive Smart Display, putting your favourite apps, valuable tips, and the entire web at your fingertips. Designed for seamless compatibility with iOS 15 or higher and Android 11 or higher, the Smart Kitchen Dock effortlessly merges with your daily life. It’s more than a gadget; it’s a harmonious extension of your home, designed to simplify your routines and enrich your kitchen experience, blending the digital world with the comfort of your living space. Discover how the Smart Kitchen Dock can make your kitchen smarter, more intuitive, and uniquely yours.

Impress and Entertain

Immerse yourself in intuitive interaction and rich entertainment with the Smart Kitchen Dock. Engage with your Amazon Alexa using effortless air gestures or the innovative Button Island, while intuitive, color-coded LED lights keep you informed of your device’s status. Additionally, the dock’s high-quality built-in speakers are perfect for setting the mood or enjoying your favourite tunes as you cook, transforming your kitchen into a space of auditory delight. Experience the seamless blend of control and entertainment that the Smart Kitchen Dock offers, making every moment in the kitchen an enjoyable one.

Connect With Counter Interiors To Claim Your Smart Kitchen Dock

The Smart Kitchen Dock promises to bring efficiency, control, and joy into the heart of your home – the kitchen. With its ability to transform your devices into interactive hubs, connect with your favourite digital services, and offer hands-free convenience, it stands as a testament to the future of smart living. Embrace the change, welcome the convenience, and let the Smart Kitchen Dock turn your kitchen into a space where technology meets comfort, making every culinary endeavour a seamless and enjoyable experience. Reach out to our team at Counter Interiors by clicking the link below to find out more…

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