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Fall in Love with the Silestone Eternal Series

Meet the Silestone Eternal Series

Inspired by natural stone, the Silestone Eternal Series is the latest release from the well known Spanish worktop manufacturer, Cosentino.

Silestone has long been a mainstay for Cosentino, proving a popular worksurface the world over. In this, their latest release, Cosentino have introduced true exclusivity. that is to say, the slab you buy will be one of a kind. Each slab has a slight variation in the veining so no two slabs are alike, whereas previously, slabs have been close to identical across each range. This is down the unique way in which the slabs are produced and is a whole other blog on it’s own (which will be written up one day).

What is Silestone?

Silestone is a man made product using around 50% quartz quarried in the Spanish mountains, 25% silica and around 25% resin to bond everything together. The materials are combined and baked under high pressure to create a non porous, impact resistant work surface that is unaffected by food acid or cutting knives. Having said that, Silestone is not indestructible. Unlike Dekton, the resin in Silestone is prone to scorching if hot pans are left on the surface. So whilst Silestone is a stain resistant, hard wearing extremely durable surface, a little care does need to be taken when handling items straight from the oven.


Everyone loves the appearance of natural stone. Forged in fire deep in the earth, granite and marble evoke emotions in ways man made products rarely match. Granite has a slight drawback; it is covered in millions of tiny fractures and these cracks and crevices can harbour bacteria. Because of this, Granite worktops regularly require sealing to help fill the tiny fractures and prevent bacteria growing.

Silestone, on the other hand, kills germs. Thrown into the mixture of Quartz, Silica and resin is an antimicrobial agent which permeates throughout the slab. Germs and bacteria which attempt to spread on the worktop are greatly hindered by the killing agents inoculated into the surface.

Silestone. Stunning and lethal… if you’re a germ.

Silestone Eternal Series


Calacatta is a natural marble that adorns cathedrals and churches across the world.

Coveted for it’s pure white surface and pale grey veining, the combination is perfect.


Charcoal Soapstone has a deep finish with tinges of dark green and adorned with striking white veins spidering across the surface. A dramatic slab for bold designs.


With a deep black base and bright white veins.

Marquina is one of the most exclusive and beautiful marbles extracted from Markina, in the North of Spain.


A White stone with grey veins evokes an essence of purity.

The fragility of the design is beautifully balanced by the strength of the surface.

A truly stunning piece.


For all of its peaceful appearance this multicoloured worktop displays colours of pink and blues.

A statement of colour and harmony with light and bright veins covering the surface.


We wish we could say Eternally Exclusive, but that is sadly not the case. However, we do have exclusive access to these colours for a limited time. You want the latest style, design and technology going into your new kitchen design. Your kitchen will be with you for a very long time so using the most up to date worktops, appliances and accessories, you can ensure your kitchen will stand the test of time.

We can pretty much guarantee your kitchen will look as stunning as the day it went in for many years to come. The Eternal Series has raised the bar somewhat, the natural appearance mimicking much sought after marbles and granites. Combine the antibacterial, stain resistant, impact resistant, scratch resistant, acid resistant Silestone worktop with the beauty of natural stone and you have all the luxury with non of the drawbacks.

Pop into the showroom and see our Cosentino showcase, we have large sample tiles of every Silestone and Dekton slab currently on offer in the UK.

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