Dekton Industrial Collection Worktops now at Counter Interiors

Eroded Metals and Weathered Stone create the Dekton Industrial Collection.


In 2017 Cosentino released a brand new set of worktops featuring weathered and eroded finishes under the Dekton brand. Dekton is Cosentino’s super hard, super durable work surface. Tough enough to take pans and trays directly from the oven with no burns or scorches. This super hard material is a result of many years of R&D on Cosentino’s part. Manufactured from natural stone mined in Spanish quarries, it is compressed under high pressure and baked in extreme temperatures to create the famous slabs we’ve come to enjoy in our kitchens.

Dekton Industrial Collection


Mixture of colours inspired by the volcanic stones and some intense grey and black touches.

Created with up to 80% recycled material, Trillium was born in 2016, becoming the first ecological colour of Dekton®.


Dekton® Radium represents a rusty, steel plate degraded over time by acid. Radium offers an aesthetic, that perfectly combines warm hues of orange and brown with the cool character of blue and green highlights.

Dekton® Radium is manufactured from 80% recycled material.


Dekton® Orix is a worn cement in which industrial aesthetics are characterised by being iron, cold and broken.

Representing a dichotomy between the new and the worn, the colour combination is based on different shades of grey, blue and green.


Inspired by a silver metal, Dekton® Nilium offers a subtle cocktail of white and grey shades.

The subtle appearance of warm colours representing the oxidation process of steel.

Industry Standard

There is absolutely nothing standard about Dekton worktops. Finished in a range of marbled and plain textures there is a Dekton available for any style of kitchen or bathroom, in fact, you can use Dekton anywhere!

The Porsche Design building in Oakbrook has been clad externally using Dekton Domoos. This building will look fresh and new for it’s entire lifespan such is the durability.

So far, Dekton has been available in a range of subtle textures, mostly marbles, subtle veining or even single colours. However, a new trend has begun, Industrial.

Get the Look

The industrial look is inspired by the weathered and worn appearance of stone or metal. The Industrial Collection by Dekton is designed to compliment both large and small renovations where the designer is looking to incorporate rustic and eroded materials. Go extreme with Trillium, a heavy eroded slab of rusted metal sheeting, or maybe the grey and white weathered stone of Orix is more to your tastes.


Whatever the look your going for ensure you leave room for Dekton. At Counter Interiors we advise you use Dekton around the cooking zone, this is the area that will have to withstand heat and heavy usage. Island’s look stunning clad in Dekton and are often the place we want to cut and slice food, place hot pans or maybe even attempt a shot at Flambé. That’s correct – you can accidentally blow torch your worktop and get away with it!

ECO Friendly

The new Industrial Collection is made using recycled materials. Cosentino respects that mining and quarrying can be destructive businesses therefore strive to minimise their impact in every way possible whilst maintaining the quality of the product that ends up in your home.

Drop into the showroom today and play with our Dekton Destruction kit, view our Dekton showcase or just discuss your requirements. We’re all fully up to speed on the new releases and would just love to show them all to you.

If you want the industry standard, try the Industrial Collection from Dekton.

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