U-Turn on Guidelines Force Independent Kitchen Retailers to Close

Lockdown frustrations continue as Government announces independent kitchen retailers must shut their doors to the public.

We have just received news that all kitchen, bathroom and bedroom showrooms must now close their doors to the public.

Since news broke of a potential pandemic, the team at Counter Interiors have planned and prepared meticulously in order to ensure not only our clients safety, but also that of our staff and the company as a whole. During the initial lockdown phase we drew up our reopening guidelines, created safety information videos and prepared the showroom with notices, masks and sanitisers. Due to these measures Counter Interiors are proud to be able to say we have been CoVID free since the start thanks, not only to the procedures put in place, but also to our clients who have all played their part in keeping everyone safe.

Sadly these measures have been deemed to be insufficient, so therefore we must suspend appointments to the showroom.

Lets Get Online

Just because the world has ground to a standstill that doesn’t mean peoples lives and plans have followed suit. In this rapidly changing world we must adapt and with that typical British spirit of “keeping calm and carrying on”, carry on is what Counter Interiors shall do.

We are now offering appointments via video link, thus bringing the showroom to you. All you have to do is let us know your preferred method of contact, ie WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or others and we’ll contact you at a pre arranged time. View close ups of our kitchens, appliances and samples as we give you a tour of the studio, it’ll be like you’re really here. Our wireless technology means you can look around without any limitations.

To book your virtual tour give us a call today and don’t forget we have our kitchen wishlist and online planner if you would like to submit your designs. You can find those here.

Remember to stay safe during these challenging times and take your mind off lockdown by planning for the future. Get stuck into your new kitchen or bedroom design now and it will be absolute perfection by the time we come to install it.

If you require any assistance with video calling, just give us a “normal voice call” on 01904479792 and we’ll help you get setup.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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