Nolte Neo Handleless Kitchen, Hutton

This sophisticated and contemporary Nolte Neo kitchen is designed with a harmonious blend of luxurious materials and finishes.

This sophisticated and contemporary Nolte Neo kitchen is designed with a harmonious blend of luxurious materials and finishes. The cabinetry from the Pure range gleams in metal gold, complemented by the rich texture of the Stone range in black slate, creating a striking visual contrast. All the main kitchen components are accessible in this beautiful, handleless, one-walled kitchen. It boasts beauty and function with its seamless finish and trim lighting which subtly highlight the contours of the cabinetry.

State-of-the-art Siemens IQ700 appliances are integrated into the design, maintaining the kitchen's sleek appearance. At the heart of the functionality is the Quooker flex stainless steel tap, which adds a touch of industrial chic while promising practicality with its flexible design. The worktop is a stunning Dekton Somnia, providing a durable and exquisite surface that effortlessly continues into the backsplash. Completing the look is a light antique glass splashback, which protects the walls and adds a subtle vintage flair to this otherwise modern ensemble. This kitchen is a testament to the elegance of modern design, where every detail works in cohesion to create a space that is as stylish as it is functional.

nolte neo handleless kitchen
nolte neo handleless

Metallic Magic

This kitchen exudes modern luxury, where the interplay of textures and materials creates a dynamic and inviting space. The sleek cabinetry, adorned in a metallic gold finish, provides a touch of opulence, which continues into the reflective surfaces of the Quooker taps and the mirrored plinth. Each element in this one-walled kitchen contributes to a rich mix of tactile sensations, with the Stone range's black slate offering a grounding contrast to the lustrous gold. The subtle antique hue of the glass splashback add layers of sophistication, ensuring that the kitchen is not just a visual feast but a combination of functionality and design artistry. Here, these metallic and reflective touches turn everyday cooking into an experience of luxurious indulgence.

nolte neo handleless

Seamless Living

The essence of seamless living is beautifully displayed in this one-walled kitchen design. With its handleless cabinetry, the space maintains a fluid and uninterrupted visual flow, exemplifying minimalist elegance. The cabinetry's sleek, smooth surfaces and the absence of handles promote a sense of continuity, enhancing the kitchen's integration with the adjoining living areas. This approach fosters an open and inclusive atmosphere that is perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Alison, Hutton

"We recommend Counter Interiors to all our friends and colleagues because they could not do enough to make our kitchen bespoke and in our opinion, beautiful."

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