Bar Stools

To enhance an existing kitchen design or feature in your upcoming project, your choice of bar stools can transform the aesthetic of your kitchen.

All of our exquisite bar stools are sourced from the prestigious design brand Lamboro. From the inviting charm of their Velvet collection to the modern allure of their Signature sleek, angular bar stools, their seating choices are a delightful way to establish the ambience of your space. Whether you are drawn to swivel stools or favour the appeal of luxurious backrests, our beautiful range of Lamboro stools can provide creative solutions.

Beyond the practical aspects of your bar stools such as material and size, their finish and aesthetics hold the power to enrich your overall design. Picture opulent and glamorous stools adorned with velvet seat padding, infusing a plush sense of luxury. Or rustic wooden bar stools from the Lamboro Supreme collection may be the perfect finishing touch for your traditional shaker-style design. Whichever direction you take with your design, your choice of Lamboro bar stools adds that distinctive and characterful final flourish.

You can explore our elegant collection of Lamboro bar stools by clicking here.