Biggest Ever Masterclass Kitchens Product Launch

2017 Masterclass Kitchens Summer Product Launch

This year has been unusually tumultuous, with all the politics, Brexit and the ever tightening squeeze on our finances, the world seems to have gone mad.

The comfort of home has never felt so reassuring, being able to close the door on the chaos of the world brings us peace. It’s our little sanctuary, come all hours, all weather and all tribulations it continues to keep us safe. Our house is more than just the sum of it’s bricks; it’s a portfolio of memories, a reflection of personalities, a declaration of independence. It’s a home and it deserves the very best we can give it.

Kitchens have always been the centre of the home. Ever since people started living in caves and discovered fire have we gathered round it’s warmth sharing food and stories.

Fortunately most of us no longer live in open, draughty caves. Though some still do exist, we’re happy to report they feature all the comforts of a modern home we come to expect; even WiFi!

Still to this day the kitchen is the social hub of our homes. The ‘Dining Room’ is fast becoming redundant as the open plan interior soars in popularity. When removing walls between two rooms clients often opt to use the new space for a large island or peninsular, thus keeping the feel of two rooms whilst enjoying the space of one large kitchen and dining area. This layout works for families, social entertainers, shared housing, small spaces and large.

In traditional designs the kitchen can sometimes feel excluded from the rest of the house, working in the kitchen becomes an individual chore as opposed to being the social epicentre of our lives. Opening the space up breaks down that barrier and incorporates the kitchen into the living space. Now we are able to fully engage in family life and conversation without missing a beat. The chopping of endless vegetables for Sunday Lunch is done in no time when the family are with you, laughing and chatting around the island. Comfortable stools, drinks on tap, fun and banter have all replaced the divisive wall.


Join the Cookaholics

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At Counter Interiors we supply Masterclass Kitchens, 2016’s Bathroom & Kitchen Update Magazine awards winner and a close runner up at this years event. Masterclass are fast becoming a brand recognised for innovation, bold designs and durability. Their product line has been constantly refreshed over the years to showcase only the very best and the latest product launch certainly doesn’t disappoint. Masterclass work very closely with all their retailers to maintain the high standards expected. Our designers are kept updated with the latest styles and components and our fitters are fully trained in the construction of Masterclass products. We always recommend using our fitting team to be sure your installed kitchen reflects the aesthetic beauty expected.

Enough of the preamble and lets see what Counter Interiors are able to offer you this Summer.

New Colours

You can’t have a product launch and not expand your colour palette. After 2016’s muted shades of greys and blues this year Masterclass have gone bold, venturing into shades of spring and summer. From left to right in the image below we have; Spring Meadow, Oxford Blue, Mulberry, Scots Grey, Claret, Vintage Rose and Terracotta Sunshine.

As we mentioned earlier… Quite bold. when used properly a little colour can make a huge difference, be warned however, get it wrong and it’ll resemble a disaster.

Place your trust in our designers and we’ll guide you through the choices available and ensure your finished design will look fresh and in-style for many years to come.

Not only do we have the 7 new door colours, but we also have 25 new handle trim colours for you to incorporate into your design ideas. At Counter Interiors we have been quietly wishing for coloured handle trims since we first saw the H-Line product launch and now our dreams have been answered. We can now offer 28 different handle colours to mix and match at your hearts desire allowing you to create varied and visually striking designs.

New Range

Not only do we have a plethora of new colours, but two new ranges to go with them. Hampton is Masterclass’s newest offering available in both a handled and handleless option, it comes in 25 painted colours including the 7 new shades. These painted doors feature a beautifully tactile silk finish.

In the photograph above we have the handleless version of Hampton finished in Oxford blue with matching handle trim. The timber is from the Madoc range and is the stunning Mayfield Oak. You would never know that the oak finish on the Madoc door wasn’t as real as the trees outside. The faux graining is impeccable, the knots deep and real to the touch. Combine the realistic timber with smooth silk colours and suddenly you bring the wood to life.

New Storage Solutions

Masterclass have gone and released an exclusive. No other kitchen company can currently offer you these storage solutions! We all  love an exclusive, that special feeling you get when you own something rare or sought after. The moment you reveal your new kitchen to friends is not the moment you want ruining by shouts of “I’ve got one of those”. We love to be individuals, we love to think we’re original and different. How better to flaunt our individualism than to stamp our diverse and varied personalities throughout our homes. From country house to modern studios, it’s important to shape the space around you into your own style, taking space and utility into account. Which is where Masterclass’s new storage solutions take centre stage.

Introducing the custom designed brand new Legrabox R-Design. A stainless steel drawer carcass with an Anthracite Linen lining which compliments the handleless range perfectly. We recommend going for the stainless steel option in our handleless ranges to retain the clean and modern minimalist style.

View the releases in the gallery below.

It goes to show, it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts. Masterclass’s drawer solutions are amongst some of the most exquisite available. In this latest product launch base units containing ‘Pull Outs’ are all available with the new Legrabox R-Design. Your pullouts no longer need to be chrome and steel but can match the cabinet colours if you choose Tuscan Walnut or Portland Oak. These two timber finishes are also available for our standard drawer packs and look incredible when installed.

Come and see us

With all the new offerings available you simply have to come to the showroom. There’s just so much to talk about we can’t show you it all online. There’s many exciting developments going on at Counter Interiors this year. As well as Masterclass’s product launch we can also now offer our clients another well known appliance manufacturer, Siemens. Counter Interiors are proud to announce our Siemens IQ Studio partnership. We feel the features on offer with Siemens appliances such as LED Mood Lighting, Home Connect iOS and Android app’s make them a viable alternative for our clients who want a more technological setup in their home. Control your home from your tablet, link your appliances, your electrics, lighting, climate control and more. With the Siemens Connected app you have complete autonomy over every part of your home.

Pop on down to the showroom at Unit 8 Flexspace, Audax Close, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4RA or give us a ring on 01904 479 792 to see all the new releases.

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