8 Lighting Ideas To Illuminate And Upgrade Your Space

There are multiple ways to lift and invigorate your kitchen space, whether you are embarking on a new kitchen design project or looking for ways to upgrade your existing space, lighting can transform your design and give your kitchen a new lease of life. From maximising space to revolutionising the ambience and mood, lighting is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen design to consider. Here at Counter Interiors, we have plenty of ideas to stimulate your creativity and will guide you through 7 suggestions on how you can integrate lighting into your kitchen project.

Integrated Strip Lighting

To highlight all the subtle features of your cabinetry and fittings, integrating lighting along the edges can showcase the fine crisp lines and shapes of your furnishings, bringing attention to all those discreet beautiful details. This strip lighting complements a handleless kitchen as the strip can sit in the small alcoves, breathing a sense of tranquil ambience into your space whilst also displaying the handles and guiding the way to opening doors. This strip lighting is incredibly versatile as it can seamlessly blend into the nooks of the wall, or glide across the top and bottom of your cabinetry. However you wish to incorporate this style of lighting, it can revolutionise the look and atmosphere of your kitchen space.

Panel lighting

Panel lighting offers a sleek and modern look, these slim and energy-efficient panels can be installed in the ceiling, under cabinets, or even as a backsplash, providing soft and uniform illumination throughout the room. Panel lighting adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and enhances functionality by illuminating work areas and minimising shadows. So, if you’re looking to transform your kitchen into a well-lit and captivating culinary haven, consider incorporating panel lighting for a contemporary and practical lighting solution.


Boasting a versatile lighting solution, spotlights bathe whatever resides below in cascades of bright light. Spotlights can work well in cabinets to illuminate opulent glassware or assist in displaying your choices of wine, placing the light below the unit can accentuate all the finer points. For example, spotlights can brighten a splashback as they reflect off the surface and showcase all the intricacies. Spotlights are a popular choice, and can be used on their own or accompany other types of lighting to create layering lighting effects that add mood, depth and dimension to a space.

Raised Panel Lighting

A wonderful way to create stunningly dramatic lighting effects is to install a raised panel and integrate lighting behind to cultivate a showstopping backdrop in your kitchen. This cutting-edge lighting solution is guaranteed to elevate your culinary haven to a new level of elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Not only does raised panel lighting create a warm and welcoming ambience, but it also enhances visibility, making food preparation and cooking tasks a breeze.

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Statement lighting

Creating a focal point in your kitchen can uplift and reframe your space, offering a talking point and a mindful place to gaze at whilst creating your culinary favourites. Low hanging pendants and expansive statement light fittings can revitalise your design and epitomise style and luxury. A simple yet effective way to modify your space, statement lighting illuminates and elongates the room, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Layered Lighting

Combining different kinds of lighting techniques around your space to create a variety of effects is a perfect way to synchronise your space and add a harmonious blend of dimension and depth that evoke both functionality and aesthetic appeal. A well-thought-out blend of some of the previously mentioned lighting ideas can create different lighting schemes that facilitate each stage of your day. Pairing spotlights with integrated strip lighting can illuminate the different areas of your kitchen and seamlessly section these parts for their purpose. From a blend of bright lighting by your worktops to get your day started to softer island focal point lights as you unwind in the evening, layered lighting can create the desired atmosphere you seek for these special moments.

Dimmable Lighting

Adding this function to your lighting arrangement can add a new level of luxury and flexibility to your project. Dimmable effects can be adjusted to create the mood you need in your kitchen environment, from a peaceful retreat to waking up with your coffee, the power of light can completely transform your space. Having this amenity embedded in your lighting choice is a beneficial investment, and its versatile properties infuse your kitchen with a fresh vitality, rejuvenating its appeal and practicality.

Make The Most of Your Natural Light

Harnessing natural light in your kitchen design provides the most advantageous approach to optimise your space. Thoughtfully planning the setup around windows and doors sets the tone and atmosphere for the room, making it a pivotal point to consider. Beyond the proven health benefits compared to artificial lighting, the more you invite natural daylight into your kitchen, the greater the advantages. Consider incorporating sky lighting as a certified mood lifter to enhance your opportunities for abundant natural illumination.

Lighting is a vital element in your kitchen design and is worth time deliberating. Our talented experts at Counter Interiors are on hand to assist you with every part of your upcoming kitchen project, from layout to lighting we can help you make informed decisions about your project and assist you in creating a kitchen that you will continue to fall in love with year after year.

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