Which? Trusted Traders

Why Use Which? Trusted Traders Approved Companies?

Which? Trusted Traders have been scrutinising services available to the general public for almost 60 years. Well known for their Which? Best Buy logo, the Trusted Traders scheme is an instantly recognisable endorsement helping consumers avoid the nightmare of cowboy builders and inspiring confidence they are choosing a trustworthy trader with a genuine reputation.

Which? assess traders and accredit those who successfully meet their strict criteria. This process is carried out by Trading Standards officials who are independent of Which?  and carry no bias whatsoever. All companies who are endorsed will have been assessed on the criteria at the bottom of the page.


what this means for you

Traders who are accepted into the scheme receive a report of their assessment. Counter Interiors have completed the assessment and met the action points outlined in the feedback report. This ensures the highest standard of criteria has been met before being allowed to display the Which? Trusted Trader logo.

Consumers who choose traders displaying the Which? Trusted Traders logo can be guaranteed peace of mind they are choosing reputable and trustworthy businesses. Only businesses who meet the standards laid out by Which? may be accepted into the scheme.


No matter how high the standards, occasionally things go wrong. Disputes can usually be settled amicably, however if you are unsatisfied with our service then Which? offer their Traders an Alternative Dispute Resolution service. This independent Resolution Ombudsman is on hand should something go wrong.

Whilst this service is available for anyone with an issue we would be grateful for the opportunity to resolve any disputes between us before escalating to an independent service.

  • Company Procedures

    Traders are expected to have business and administrative procedures in place. These are reviewed to ensure Traders have consumers best interests in mind and meet Trading Standards guidelines.

    Counter Interiors maintain an active review of company procedures with a view to constantly improving our customer service.

  • Previous Clients

    Previous clients selected at random by the assessor are contacted by Which? Trusted Traders to ask for their review on Counter Interiors. These reviews can be viewed on our Which? Trusted Traders profile.

  • Credit Report

    All companies reviewed by Which? Trusted Traders must be able to show good financial health. Counter Interiors are able to show excellent financial health, ensuring the stability of the company and inspiring consumer confidence.

  • Health and Safety

    Traders who work in hazardous environments must follow Health and Safety guidelines as laid out by CITB. Traders must be able to show they abide by H&S law on all installation sites. Counter Interiors issue full CDM documentation for all installations carried out.

  • Assessment

    All traders applying for Which? Trusted Traders are subject to a face to face interview. Product, procedural and company knowledge is all taken into consideration to ensure Traders are fully competent in the running of their business and understand the market they work in.