Counter Interiors are proud to be in partnership with all our major suppliers. Partnerships for us mean great rates and exclusive options not available at your high street stores. Add in the product specific training that is required to maintain a partnership it starts to make good sense for you to visit a showroom that is in partnership with their suppliers.

Insist on asking your showroom about their partnerships as not only are there financial advantages, but Counter Interiors designers and fitters receive regular training on all kitchens, appliances, worktops and accessories allowing us to answer all your questions confidently and efficiently. Our qualified fitting team know our products inside out, working closely with our Masterclass Kitchen’s local representative to ensure our final fits are nothing short of stunning.

Partnerships require us to work hard to maintain them, compulsory training sessions hosted by each supplier ensure we are fully competent when it comes to our products. If you get stuck with settings or programs then please drop into the showroom and ask us for a short tutorial we’re always happy to oblige.

With all the extra training, product knowledge required and targets to be met, it’s easy to forget that we receive some pretty cool benefits from our partners. The main one being exclusivity.

Masterclass have only one retailer in each area and these retailers were chosen based on their company ethos, studio presentation and customer focus. Neff supply only their 5* MasterPartners with their flagship collection of appliances, Siemens also offer their studioLine range to their IQ 5* Studios and Cosentino offer Elite Premium Studios 6 months exclusivity on new releases and an Elite Premium Studio only range of colours.

Look for showrooms displaying their partnerships to ensure you get the best experience before, during and after your purchase. Kitchens are a huge financial expense, it makes sense to enter into such a purchase armed with all the best options.