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Connected appliances, smart heating and lighting, voice control and location aware. We'll help you create your perfect Smart Home.

Welcome to the smart world that is developing around us. Technology is assisting us in every part of our lives; shopping, paying the bills, interacting with friends and now controlling our homes there is no limit to where the smart revolution could take us. At our kitchen showroom in York we have a range of connected devices and smart gadgets controlling the studio, visit us and discover voice controlled lighting, automated heating schedules, home security and time saving convenience all managed through your smartphone or pc. The best part, we only use one manufacturer to control our entire showroom. It’s time to ditch multiple hubs and bridges and control your whole home through one app.

Cooking and Baking

Our NEFF and Siemens appliances come with Home Connect, the link between your phone and your kitchen. Remote start and stop, change settings and learn about your appliance with integrated instruction manuals. Never lose your manual again as it is accessible through the app as are model and serial numbers should you require any support. Discover new recipes and seasonal offerings with ingredient lists, send the correct settings over to  your appliance and cook up great food easily.

Not only are the day to day applications of Home Connect saving you time, but our remote diagnostics can also save you money. Allow access to our technicians to remotely diagnose your appliance from the office before an engineer is called out. If a fix is required onsite the engineer will already know the fault and even which parts to bring.



Home Connect is now available across all of our appliances. Our extractors will notify you when your filters need cleaning, changing or regenerating. You can alter the lighting effects from ambient whites to full spectrum RGB to set the perfect tone for your valentines meal or make it spooky for halloween, RGB lighting brings a new and fun dimension to your creative space.

Using technologies such as If This Then That (IFTT) you can link different functions and actions. Turn your extractor lights red when the filters need changing, turn your hallway light on when someone rings the doorbell. The only limit is your imagination.


Through our smart home partners we are able to seamlessly connect your entire home through a single hub. Using our expandable mini servers our Home Automation systems are second to none. Use your smartphone or pc to control:

  • Lights
  • Roller doors/Garage doors
  • Heating
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Curtains & Blinds
  • Any device in your home with an on/off switch

Videos and Media

Watch the videos or download our brochures for all you need on Home Connect

Need help connecting? Try the videos below for all our NEFF and Siemens smart appliances set up for Home Connect. Link your Home Connect account with Amazon and Alexa for auto replenishing of essentials and voice control.

You will need the apps listed below

Apple Android
Home Connect Home Connect
Download HomeConnect App from iTunes Download HomeConnect App on Google Play Store
Alexa Alexa
Download Alexa from the Apple iTunes app store Download Alexa from the Google Play store

NEFF Home Connect Videos

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Siemens Home Connect Videos

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Amazon Alexa Videos

Surviving Monday Mornings with Alexa

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Echo Show; shopping lists

Download our instruction manuals below for linking your smart appliances with the Home Connect app.

Siemens Connected City brochure