Often referred to as the jewellery of your kitchen design, the handles you choose to complement your cabinetry can transform the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. At Counter Interiors, we work with leading brands Masterclass, Nolte, Carlisle Brass and Alexander & Wilks to bring you a high-quality range of beautiful handles to enhance your kitchen design.

From exquisite, brushed brassware knobs to refined matte black bar handles, we offer a variety of options when selecting the perfect hardware for your design. Our team of designers will walk you through the entire spectrum, presenting samples from our esteemed brand partners. Whether you're inclined towards edge pull handles, sleek T-bar handles, knurled handles, or anything in between, you'll be astounded by the variety of ways we can embellish your design. For a contemporary kitchen, you might opt for streamlined T-bar handles to harmonise with its clean lines, or for a shaker-style kitchen, charming cup handles can provide that timeless finishing touch. You can choose uniform handles for all your cupboards and drawers or mix and match, tailored to your design's ergonomics. Whatever your preference, our expert staff can discuss the details with you, helping you pinpoint the hardware that complements your kitchen style best.