The Benefits of our Live Kitchen Events

Appliance Demonstration Days at our Live Kitchen Events

Who loves free food, cooked (or baked) and prepared by a professional chef? There’s even a little bubbly on offer too! Twice a year Counter Interiors like to hold Live Kitchen Events stuffed full with great food, drink and guidance. These events are held at our showroom and hosted by expert food economists who really know their stuff.

This year Neff are celebrating 140 years of inspiring creativity and their design team appear to have gone into overdrive. Both the electric hob and extractor hood ranges have been gifted some pretty cool introductions.

After 140 years of coming up with fresh innovative features, you’d think ideas would be pretty thin on the ground by now, however they just keep on coming. Their unique and extremely useful features are the reason why CoolBrands list Neff on their site.

It’s a tough game designing the ‘follow up’. How many sequel’s can you remember that were actually any good? Most were just made for the franchise and packed full of gimmicks. The leave you feeling like you could have spent those precious hours doing something, anything more inspiring than putting yourself through yet another dinosaur related ‘epic’.

Somehow, Neff follow release after release with stuff we never knew we wanted. Little design tricks that make life simple. Take the Fire Twist Pad for example, this little device sits at the front of the hob and is used to operated all the hobs controls. It replaces the Twist&Point system which used a detachable button. There was and still is nothing wrong with the Twist&Point, it’s intuitive, responsive and makes controlling the hob a breeze. Lose it though and it’ll cost you the best part of £50 to replace it.

As a result, Neff have slimmed down the Twist&Point into a sleek housing located on the front of the hob. Result? The TwistPadFire. No more lost controllers or knocking it on to the floor, it now sits safe and securely at the front of the hob. That’s not it’s only party trick; the Fire Twist Pad is also splash proof, bash proof and kid proof. It illuminates when in operation and can be linked to the latest line of extractor hobs to control your ventilation from the hob, all from one control.


Join the Cookaholics

Learn how to get the best out of your new appliances. Cook and bake like a true professional with our appliance Demo Days. Click to check the available dates.

Combining the hob and extractor controls is one idea Neff had, the other being to completely combine both appliances and not just their controls.

Introducing the Vented Flexinduction Hob from Neff. A 4 zone induction hob with 2 Flex zones and a centre down draft extractor. Now you can install your hob where it would have previously been unsuitable for an over head extractor. Island units with built in hobs are very popular and clients either choose to make a feature from the extractor, or hide it away in the ceiling. Now you can place your hob in the perfect position without compromise.

Neff appliances are the absolute business. They’re not the oven of choice for Masterchef and British Bake off for no reason. Being on live television, you can’t have appliances failing or causing slight discrepancies between contestants. Therefor the BBC demand impeccable standards when it comes to putting products in front of millions of viewers and rightly so. Neff appliances are designed and created in Germany, a country synonymous with solid build quality. Our German friends don’t do frivolous gimmicks, if a new feature doesn’t improve or move the brand forward, it isn’t implemented. Neff appliances offer a whole host of options and programmes for almost every cooking situation. The limitless menus can be overwhelming when first trying out your new appliance.

New Tricks

Twice a year we host Live Cooking Events. These day long shows are held in the showroom using our appliances and run by a professional chef or food economists. These guys really know their stuff, learn how to bake the ultimate spongy sponge cake (and we can attest to the super moistness of the cake), create the perfect quiche and serve up succulent meat. All the dishes are prepared during the demonstration and we encourage lots of questions and discussions to ensure you get the most out of the day.

Our Cooking Event’s normally start at 10:30 in the morning and run to around 4:00 in the afternoon. There is ample car parking right out side the door and the showroom is fully accessible with no stairs or ramps. We offer free bubbly or fresh orange when you arrive and some generously packed goodie bags for the way home!

Neff and Siemens Live Cooking Events held at Counter Interiors, York, YO30 4RA

We really do advise you visit one of our events whether you are a new or existing customer, all are welcome and there is always something new to learn.

Come and be inspired, look out on our Facebook page for future events or pop into the showroom at Counter Interiors, Unit8 Flexspace Business Centre, Audax Close, York, YO30 4RA.

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