Sunlit Days by Silestone. Five brand new quartz worktop colours from Cosentino.

This summer sees five new suede worktops from Silestone with Mediterranean inspired colours.

Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean? Warm evenings, stunning seas and great food all come together to create Sunlit Days, the new series of Silestone worktops for Summer 2021.

Silestone® by Cosentino presents ‘Sunlit Days’, its first collection neutral in carbon emissions and the first also within the sector of quartz surfaces and in any variant of engineered stone. This milestone thus demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability, and highlights the optimal environmental management that the Cosentino Group has been carrying out for years.

Sunlit Days is made up of five colours inspired by the Mediterranean. It is a journey through light and colour, with a young aesthetic, written under human values ​​and inspired by simple and profound ways of living.

Faro White, Chisel Gray, Clay Red, Cala Blue and Posidonia Green are more than just the names of these five colours; they are stories, experiences, expressions, a tribute to the way of life of real people who have found their true essence in the Mediterranean land. And this is what you will be able to discover next.


Faro White, the white of the Mediterranean

Faro White represents the white of the Mediterranean and that of its walls bathed by the sun, representing purity, simplicity and serenity. Inspired by the headlights that draw the way for boats, this colour is also characterized by a silky texture and soft to the touch. Faro White is a song of people who love life.

Behind this colour hides the story of Mario, a man who lived in Madrid and left everything to move to a lighthouse in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, in Almería. 28 years ago he got up every day seeing the Mediterranean. You can view his story in the Chapter 1 video.

Chisel Gray, a balance between warm and cold

Chisel Gray is a silky, fine-grained grey, a shade that unfolds its best melody when bathed in light. It is neutral, flexible and capable of balancing between warm and cold. Its soft texture captivates.
Behind this colour is the story of David, a French luthier based in Níjar, Almería, who came by vocation and stayed for love of the sun, a specific way of life, music and the magnetism of this land. David works magic with his hands and works with wood to create unique instruments.

Red Clay, an earthy red that breathes fire and smells of petrichor

The Mediterranean breathes fire and seems to flow blood in several of its geographical points. This is precisely Arcilla Red, an earthy red that makes you fall in love, that tastes like wine and smells of petrichor. Essence, colour scheme, strength, passion and a lot of accent. Its soft texture coexists in harmony with its beauty.

Rober and María del Mar are the protagonists of the story that Arcilla Red explains, the colour with the most energy in the collection. 10 years ago this couple arrived in Fondón, between Sierra Nevada and Gádor, and decided to buy a vineyard. Now his wine has a unique flavour, the fruit of that magical clay soil, made only with grapes. Do not miss their beautiful love story in Chapter 3.

Cala Blue, a deep blue capable of vibrating

To speak of the Mediterranean is to speak of the sea, its breeze, its immensity and its infinite horizon. Cala Blue is a deep blue and a mature colour capable of vibrating with the rest of the elements that surround it. Its touch caresses like sea water does.

Posidonia Green, a natural green where time stands still

The marine treasure of the Mediterranean gives its name to this green colour that transmits the beauty of the Posidonia meadows. Vitality, joy and nature merge in this proposal ready to surprise, ready to hypnotize. Its texture, soft, melodic, is complemented by the harmonious tone of a colour ready to conquer.

Behind Cala Blue and Posidonia Green are Fernando and Marina. Together they created the NGO Equilibrio Marino, and they clean and collect plastics, nets and tools abandoned on the reefs, seabed, beaches and coasts. Cosentino is committed to this cause and, through this NGO, will carry out initiatives related to the sanitation of Posidonia meadows, necessary to reduce CO². Watch Chapter 0 for the full story.

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