Receive a Free Amazon Show with your Siemens Smart Appliances

Want a FREE Amazon Show with your new Siemens studioLine Home Connect Appliances?

At Counter Interiors this Summer, we’re giving away Amazon Shows completely free. All you have to do is purchase your new Siemens studioLine appliances from us and we’ll not only give you your free Amazon Show, but we’ll also set it up for you along with your other connected appliances.

That’s an Amazon Show, normally £199, completely free. No inflated prices or funny gimmicks, just purchase three Siemens StudioLine Appliances from Counter Interiors on our Demonstration day, 29th September 2018.

Amazon have released a few Smart Hubs over the past couple of years starting with the Echo, then the smaller Echo dot. These two hubs are limited to voice responses only when interacting with them, ask an Echo for a recipe and it’s probably better to email it yourself as opposed to being dictated to.

Cooking and creating in the kitchen is a sensory experience, we rely on touch, taste, smell and sight to ensure the finest results. Amazon have forseen where this technology is going and have released the Amazon Show – the same Alexa we know and love (despite ordering her about) can now show us what we want to know. follow a recipe, look inside your smart connect fridge without opening the door, call up your shopping list as your low on milk, no need to leave the stir-fry as it’s only a salesman you can see at the front door.

The possibilities are endless and don’t just stop with the kitchen. Connect your heating, lighting, cleaning, security and more to your Amazon Show. Be in control of your entire home from one device saving you valuable time. Feel connected to your home, shake the stress and regain control over your routine.

For your free Amazon Show visit Counter Interiors of York on FlexSpace, Audax Close, Clifton Moor and have a chat with our design team.

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