Fully fitted sliding wardrobe doors. With 5 different profiles the ultra modern minimalist design can be fully customised with 4 different metals.


At Counter Interiors we offer a huge variety of modern bedroom sliding wardrobe doors. With wood, stone and metal textures to mix with solid colours and mirror doors, our contemporary sliding wardrobes are sure to suit your style.

We offer a complete service starting with 3D CAD technology to visualise your interior with photo realistic images. We enable you to see your bedroom come to life before committing to any designs.

At Counter Interiors we are all about well engineered and quality design we want to offer our clients the very best sliding doors that are available. Choosing your modern bedroom is daunting enough, there are so many manufacturers out there it’s difficult to decide where to turn. At Counter Interiors we make the difficult decisions for you by drawing on years of experience in this vast market.

From furniture to accessories, we will guide you at every step of the way to ensure your new bedroom is the modern or contemporary dream space you want it to be.


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