Beautiful Bedrooms

more than just a kitchen showroom

Tucked away in the middle of Clifton Moor, our showroom is found on Audax Close behind C.E.F. opposite Evan Halshaws auto-traders. If you struggle to find us, click the call button below (if it's safe) and we'll guide you in. Once you're here you'll find plenty of free parking space right outside the front door and inside a fully heated studio with comfortable areas to relax with us to design your dream interior. Take all the time you need and enjoy a cup of our very own blend of coffee or tea.

Currently 17 kitchens are on display as well as 2 bedrooms and 1 living space, showcasing the unique features and innovations that drew us to these brands in the first place. Counter Interiors offer so much more than just kitchens, we are also able to complement your dining, living and utility room with furniture matching your kitchen. As more and more people fall in love with the open plan living space we find the demand for a consistent look is fast on the rise.

When working through home renovations clients don't usually stop with the kitchen and utility, other rooms also require a new lease of life. Our Sliding Wardrobes are available in near unlimited colours and are built to measure, ensuring the perfect match and exact fit for all bedroom installations. Place drawers, shelves, hanging rails and more exactly where  you want them to create your truly bespoke wardrobe layout.

All our displays feature 'something different' including smart home technology, hidden sockets, integrated fish tanks, back-lit and scorch proof worktops, instant boiling water and totally bespoke storage solutions. We wanted to build a studio full of ideas and dreams, a relaxing and comfortable place to inspire your imagination. We would love to show you around and introduce you to the appliances and accessories required for your latest renovation project.

Future proof your home with Counter Interiors.