Silestone is the perfect application for worktops,
it is the ideal choice to transform your kitchen into a unique space.

The only Quartz surface with 25 years warranty, allows you to configure your space however you want, combining its wide range of colours and textures to maximise the use of your space.

Silestone by Cosentino

The perfect option for kitchen worktops

Silestone is a composite of natural quartz and other raw materials. That combination along with highest production technology makes the product extraordinarily hard and resilient.

Silestone’s characteristics make it an ideal surface choice for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, flooring and wall siding.

A revolution in worktop power and storage.

Beautifully hidden integrated power sockets, knife racks, spice racks and bakers boxes. Visit the showroom for a full demonstration.

Knife Box
Spice Rack
Bakers Box
Key Box

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