Potes Smart Homes

Smart Home Automation by Loxone

Intelligent living by Potes

Based in York, Potes Smart Homes design and install  bespoke automation solutions for your home. They bring the smart choice of automation to a growing market of self-builders, developers and homeowners looking to maximise the potential of their home or workplace.

Potes Smart Homes give their clients more time and more freedom. Making their clients spaces work for them in the smartest way possible. Potes’ Smart Homes and Smart Work environments are relaxing and stress free. Automate your home and discover the benefits.

The benefits of smart homes


All your lighting and heating controlled from a central location. Your lights will be on the right mood for each time of day and forgetting to leave the heating on while on holiday is a thing of the past.


The next level from a basic setup is to have security and access control added to your home. Having your intruder alarm integrated to a system really keeps your mind at ease. You are able to keep an eye on your home while away or at work.


There is simply nothing better than having your music follow you around you home or listening to your favorite song while having a shower. Premium packages include multi-room audio and text to speech integration.

Fully automated guest house

Discover the fully automated show home ‘Smart 27’, created to give Pote’s clients a hands-on experience of intelligent living.

Smart 27 features a bespoke Loxone system with fully automated heating, lighting, shading, multimedia and security.

With their expert guidance you will learn all you need to know about how different elements of a smart home work together to deliver an relaxing and stress free living experience.