Stonika XGloss Collection

Dekton® Stonika XGloss blends with nature to create 4 classic colours of a hyper-realistic beauty.

Thermal and Scratch Resistance

Dekton® Stonika belongs to the XGloss Collection and so it retains the same scratch properties as other polished colours.

Base and surface react in the same way to temperature changes, avoiding common cracks caused by the difference in expansion between the two elements.

Discover Dekton Stonika XGloss Collection

Vibrant veined patterns and textures with the highest technological performance of a revolutionary surface

Stonika XGloss

Hyper-realistic Beauty

Dekton® becomes Nature and makes it last forever. Dekton® becomes Nature itself and ensures its longevity.

A revolution in worktop power and storage.

Beautifully hidden integrated power sockets, knife racks, spice racks and bakers boxes. Visit the showroom for a full demonstration.

Knife Box
Spice Rack
Bakers Box
Key Box

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