Madoc brings a touch of rustic to the kitchen and seamlessly combines it with super modern finishes.

Mix with Madoc

The earthy tones of Terra would beautifully compliment a painted Mussel, achieving a calm and tranquil space. Or try using the characterful Mayfield Oak and show off it’s deep knots and heavily worked surface by combining with the high gloss Graphite of Lumina.

These wonderfully presented textures are the perfect starting point for your new kitchen. Mix with silk, matte or gloss to create a whole world of styles, from serene to brash this range can offer it all.

Madoc is proving immensely popular, especially in our handleless range.


Discover Madoc

Maodc is available in a range of seven different wood effect and earthy finishes. Choose the incredibly lifelike Mayfield Oak to compliment almost any other range of fitted kitchens in our collection.