Custom Series

Stormy whites and beautiful marble patterns complete the Custom Series by Cosentino


Custom Series presents stunning surfaces designed in the spirit of natural stone.

Smooth contours of varying intensity and pattern with outstanding design brings natural life to your kitchen design.

Discover Silestone Custom Series

Serene, luminous and neutral, white is the most popular choice for kitchen worktops.


Find out how our premium worktops are made

Get to know everything about Silestone: how was it born, how is it made, its qualities, colors, finishes, textures, thickness and much more in this livescribe video!

A revolution in worktop power and storage.

Beautifully hidden integrated power sockets, knife racks, spice racks and bakers boxes. Visit the showroom for a full demonstration.

Knife Box
Spice Rack
Bakers Box
Key Box

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