Spacious And Asymmetrical Family Living Area, Malton

This breathtaking living area harmoniously blends functionality and modern aesthetics, creating a practical and beautiful space.

This space harmoniously blends functionality and modern aesthetics, characterised by a clean and uncluttered layout. The colour scheme is a calming palette of neutral tones, with the light wooden floors and furniture pieces providing warmth and natural texture. These elements are contrasted beautifully with the crisp white of the built-in bench, shelving units, and walls, which amplify the brightness of the room. The design emphasises open space and fluidity, with a seamless transition from the dining area to the living space. In the dining area, a sturdy, rustic wooden table accompanies a custom-built bench that hugs the wall, its flexible cushioned surface inviting casual seating. This bench is a stylish space-saver with plentiful storage beneath, indicating a thoughtful consideration of utility and simplicity.

Moving towards the living area, the layout is anchored by modular, asymmetric white cabinetry that functions as storage and display. Our design team wanted to ensure we exceeded the brief of practical and beautiful, offering a convenient space to house books, toys, and decorative items in an organised manner. Baskets within the cubbies add a touch of organic texture and provide a practical solution for keeping the space tidy. The modular units serve as a visual bridge between the two areas, maintaining an open yet cohesive feel. Overall, the design speaks to a modern lifestyle, valuing open spaces, multifunctionality, and a connection with natural elements through its colour and material choices.

modular, asymmetric white cabinetry and media centre
modular, asymmetric white cabinetry and media centre

A Minimalist Approach

A notable feature is the innovative TV unit, which maintains clean lines and a minimalist approach to the space. With the monitor integrated into the unit with a supporting backboard, this convenient cabinetry offers another storage opportunity without compromising aesthetics. The bright white hues of the cabinetry are beautifully softened by the warm wooden accents of the furniture.

modular, asymmetric white cabinetry and TV stand
modular, asymmetric white cabinetry and media centre

Unique and Modern Wall-mounted Shelving

The wall-mounted shelving unit offers a blend of form and function, providing versatile storage solutions within its asymmetrical, staggered box-like design. The varying orientations and sizes of the shelves accommodate a diverse range of items, from books to decorative pieces, allowing for the personalisation of the display. Crafted from light natural wood, the shelves add a warm, organic touch to the space, while the open concept keeps the area airy and uncluttered. This modern design element maximises the use of vertical space and serves as a focal point in the room, demonstrating that practical storage can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a living space.

Judi, York

"My appliances came quickly, the prices were super competitive and the installation was friendly and efficient. I thoroughly recommend them."

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