Masterclass Melrose Kitchen, Acomb

Showcasing polished Masterclass cabinetry with beautiful black accents, this exquisite design in Acomb is an open and fresh versatile space with captivating design elements.

This exceptional kitchen not only catches the eye but also maximises storage capabilities. With towering larders and convenient pull-out shelving, it provides ample space to organise your kitchen essentials efficiently. Every available wall has been thoughtfully used for cabinetry, ensuring no storage potential goes to waste. The exception is a striking black statement radiator that adorns one stretch of the wall, becoming a captivating focal point within the space.

The pristine Masterclass Melrose cabinetry in white sets a relaxing tone for this exquisite kitchen space with a flawless silk finish, which perfectly complements the gloss of the white frost Quartz worktop. The black brassware adds a subtle contrast to the neutral colours of the walls and cabinetry. A black Blanco sink and NEFF Appliances amplify this thoughtful distinction. The Quooker black flex tap elegantly complements the black detailing of this design and offers a time and energy-saving solution for our clients in Acomb. At the core of this design is a multifunctional island with additional storage features and an overhanging worktop to conceal seating; it is the perfect place to come together and socialise.

Maximising Space

Our dedicated design team has meticulously considered our client's needs, resulting in a well-thought-out plan that offers abundant storage options. Despite the L-shaped layout of the kitchen, we have made the most of the available space by introducing cabinetry along the far wall, elegantly encompassing the convenient French doors of the refrigerator. This refrigerator feature not only enhances accessibility to your groceries but also maximises the storage capacity of the entire kitchen. This additional cabinetry ensures that every inch of this kitchen serves a purpose while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment.


Natural Elements

The wooden-effect luxury vinyl flooring introduces a delightful texture to the kitchen and establishes a unique connection with the natural world. This carefully chosen design element goes beyond aesthetics; it infuses the space with a welcoming warmth that envelops you as you enter. As does the Portland oak internals of the cabinetry, which coordinate with the natural styling of the flooring. The wood-inspired details in this design serve as more than just a decorative choice; they provide a sense of grounded comfort and an inviting atmosphere.

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