Are Le Creuset Pots Compatible with Induction Hobs?

At Counter Interiors, we love Le Creuset and one popular question we get asked is; "will my Le Creuset pots work with my new induction hob?"

Le Creuset began back in 1925 when two Belgian industrialists; Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq met at the Brussels Fair. Armand a casting specialist and Octave an expert in enamelling joined together to bring the first coloured cast iron cookware to the kitchen.

The Beginnings

Before the birth of Le Creuset, all cookware was mostly plain black cast iron which required ‘seasoning’ before use to prevent iron leaching into acidic foods. Armand and Octave had the idea of sealing the cast iron with enamel to create a durable, safe and stylish product. Their first choice is the instantly recognisable ‘Volcanic Flame’. This rich shade of orange became Le Creuset’s iconic colour and is still available today.

Now Le Creuset is now available worldwide in over 20 standard colours, with special additions regularly being added along the way. Enjoy collaborations between Le Creuset and well known brands such as Disney or Hudson’s Bay Co.

Induction Cooking with Le Creuset?

So, can you use Le Creuset with your new induction hob?

First of all; “What is induction cooking?”. Put simply, induction cooking uses magnets to heat up the pans on the cooktop. Putting a compatible pan on your hob completes the circuit and the pan is heated directly. Other forms of heat such as ceramic require the coil to reach full temperature before it can pass that heat onto the pan. With induction, the magnets cause the pan to heat up directly, thus improving efficiency and response times. Induction hobs can boil water faster than most kettles, so are extremely efficient.

To determine if your cookware is compatible we can take a clue from the way induction works; magnets. Take a fridge magnet and see if it sticks to your chosen pot or pan, if it does not stick then the pan will not work. You would need an adaptor to use that item. If your fridge magnet sticks to the pan it is potentially usable. For maximum efficiency the underneath of the pan should be flat with no dimples or rough surfaces. The smooth flat base of your pot/pan ensure the maximum amount of pan is in contact with the smooth glass cook surface.

Le Creuset in the Oven?

Le Creuset use different materials depending on the item being produced; tableware, cooking, baking or drinking Le Creuset have an accessory for every part of the kitchen. Only Cast Iron products are compatible with your induction hob. The stoneware or silicon products will not work with your hobs, though stoneware may be used in your oven, microwave or grill, it is not advised to use on any type of direct heat such as hobs and your grill must be no closer than 65mm. Cast Iron products with stainless steel, iron or metallic knobs can be used in an oven upto temps of 260°C. Cast iron products featuring the classic black phenolic knob on the top can be used in the oven upto temps of 190°C, the signature black phenolic knob can used used upto 260°C.  Any products with wooden handles must not be used in the oven.

You can view the latest releases from Le Creuset over at their website.

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